Construction Blog

Type of Construction: Interior construction is all steel Cargo Shipping Containers. Ordering these I get a reinforced steel shell that is build to withstand 150 mph winds and water proof for the open seas.

Situated in Branson, Missouri far from any port I began searching on the Internet to find my closest suppliers. I wanted to use six containers to provide a nice floor space around 1800 sq. ft. Each container is 8.5 ft wide by 40 ft long. Make sure you get high containers which are 9.5 ft called tall. (Normal is 8 ft I believe) Since these structures are only 8.5 feet wide (8 ft. finished out) I decide to double up side by side two pairs of two to provide a living area of 16 by 40. See Plans.

So I found grade A to suit me in Kansas City for $1700 a piece. They first said $225 to ship each. Then they came back with a cost of $900 per container shipping, I started looking again and to my amazement there were two companies here in Springfield, Missouri who sell containers. Each was asking $2300 each to be delivered to Branson.

More to come soon.